Quality System
Certificate of Conformity


The term "quality" is interwoven with the philosophy of the company from its foundation. However, the enterprise is based on 3 types of quality and these are the quality of furniture produced, the quality of operation and the quality of service.

• With regard to the quality of furniture, the company invests perpetually in the research and development of new methods of production and in the use of better certified materials of the Greek but also the European market.

• The company’s quality of operation is based on the way with which the production of furniture is unfolded, as well as in the continuous coordination of executives for the best possible result.

• Finally, particular importance is given in the quality of service, factor that influences immediately the company’s behavior in front of its partners but also in the wide public. The completely trained and well-informed personnel of the company is always in position, with accessible and prudent way, to bring its mission to an end in order to fulfill the customers’ demands.


The company, for two decades invests continuously in the increase of infrastructures regarding its working machines, buildings and functional equipment, aiming mainly at the best of product quality and services that it offers. With 25 individuals personnel, a 1,700 sq.m. privately-owned factory and 1,400 sq.m. in total of retail sale points, the company is always found in the place to accomplish its objectives, in all the levels of its operation.

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