1976... It was when the founder of the company, Alexandros Porfiris decided to exploit his knowledge and talent in the art of making classic tables. A person with values and commitment in the concepts of high quality and right partnership with his customers, managed to bring a difficult mission to an end and include his name and his company amongst the higher positions in the Greek furniture manufacturing sector.

After 20 years of regularly growing course in the sector, the company developed its production, creating new collections in buffet, dining room, bedroom and complements, fulfilling the demand of its customer base.  Today, having covered the 4th decade of its existence, the company has passed to the 2nd generation of householders, constituted from 3 brothers, Vasilis, Panagiotis and Nikos Porfiris.

In a continuously altered and competitive environment, the current householders, provided with the values and the concepts of the founder of the company and having adopted modern ways of production and marketing activities, have accomplished to classify the company in one of the pioneers in operation, communication and growth enterprises of the Greek furniture manufacturing sector.  The last 10 years, the growth of the company has been based to a large extent on a regularly extending network of partners on the bigger cities of Greece, as well as on the retail sale points of the company that they have also contributed in the logo intensification, PORFIRIS FURNITURE.  

The company’s strategy is to promote quality, contemporary and classic design as well as high aesthetics in such levels for the final consumer to be able to acquire these profits with the relative cost and without further expenses. One of the most important objectives for the future of the company is the permanent extraversion and its presence into the international environment.

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